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I Don't Know Why I Care

I Do Know Why I Care i care because i cant stand regret i care and take reasponsability ,because to have no controll means i am useless, which i am not i care because i dont like making the same mistake more... [more]
  • I Wanna Know What's the Greatest Invention

    The Wheel everything revolves around this one ,there is not an invention in sight that has not made use of its incredible properties, of coarse it had its knockers in the early days, however while r… [more]
  • I Would Like to Know Your Favorite Bible Verse

    Valley Of Darkness psalm 27 always felt like it was and still feels like it is my sword, just knowing this one scripture has allowed me to defy any challenger and to grow from adversity rather than being stunte… [more]
  • I Want to Be Happy And Make Others Be Happy

    Mr Smithlec TO BE HAPPY , SATISFIED , FULLFILLED, to find the meaning of life, interpreted  what does life mean ,what am i meant to do, instinct , to follow senses, patients , sifting thro… [more]
  • I Have Premonitions

    Mushroom Shaped Building In The Distance dreams have always been difficult to reconcille do they have meaning is it a warning ,whatever, it has always happened,some would stick in your head,and what to do with this information ,how do you kn… [more]