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I Am Widowed, Depressed and Lonely

Lonely i lost my husband on march 8 2012 iam so lonely tony was my friend my husband the love of my life we have been married for 28 years met him at 15 years old married him at 18 he was 44 when he died of... [more]
  • I Married My First Love

    Carolyn Fist Love I met tony when i was 15 it was love at first sight before tony i was a lonely teen waiting to be rescue from miserable life he bought joy in me life and love in my heart we was married at 18 i love t… [more]
  • I Am a Widow

    Iam I i was married for 29 years i was with tony since i was 15 on march 8 2012 he went to diayils and he a a heart attack cannot beleave he never coming home it hurts so bad i cant breath cannot sleep eat … [more]
  • I Lost My My Sister To A Rare Diease

    on march 31 2014 i lost my baby sister to rare disease she got sick in january20 2014 started with headache then she stop walking talking moving her arms that hurt me see her suffer by lose her body p… [more]