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I Am Biracial

Don't Really Know Where To Fit In Im half filipino and half african but I was mainly raised by my mom (filipino) It was always hard and irritating when people would ask why I didn't act a certain way or look a certain... [more]
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  • I Wish The Guy I Liked Would Like Me Back

    I'm An Idiot :) Hello! (hello...hello...hello...) New group, no one here (yet!...maybe) Oh well I feel the urge to type... So there was this guy at my school, he w… [more]
  • New Year in 3 hour, New to EP

    Posted on: December 31st, 2012 at 10:10PM

    Happy New Year to me:)Just kidding, life sucks. Just kidding about that's not THAT bad. It's after Christmas and I made around 200 dollars, but of course my mom felt the need to take about 40 of it for herself:) oh life~Everyone's raging on Facebook like a beauty guru at Sephora, drinks are flowing couples are getting ready for their cheesy little kisses, and I'm sitting here writing about my life for the world to see on a computer...of course no one is going to reason so maybe to just myself and maybe even the select few that decide to read this (how are ya reader?)The whole day has been too boring, I feel like I've gotten too jaded about holidays...if only you could literally dump… [more]