Female , 22-25

I work too much, play too little, and have weird hobbies.

I love to travel and learn.

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  • a little German
  • and a little French
  • and a little American Indian
Vices Coffee, Gum, Music, and Education
Politics Moderate
Horoscope Leo
Special day
Books Anything-- I prefer fiction, however.
Music Country anything or southern rock
Movies Fight club, Lemony Snickets, Seven, Thirteen Ghosts, Proof, and Fermat's room.
Local Time July 29th, 11:41 PM

I Have a Confession

Did you ever feel like you're surrounded by idiots? [more]
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  • I My Boyfriend Died

    My Hero. So, I made the mistake of falling in love with a marine. He was a friend of a friend of mine and was looking for help to get his sister though college by saving money for her. However, as we met and h… [more]
  • I Cant Stand Liars and Bs'ers

    The Worst Kind Of Liar... is the kind that just lied to you for the first time. My FB just asked me (this weekend) to mess with him, and usually we make it work but this time he told me that he wanted to get it i… [more]
  • I Like Mathematics

    For The Mathematics Enthusiasts. It is a little language sensitive, but it is why math doesn't suck... but you do. ;) … [more]
  • I Love My Dog More Than Most People

    I Love My Dog Because she loves me. Really, I rescued her from an abusive family that was starving her. You could literally count every rib in her body. I took her to get her shots and brought her home. The other d… [more]