Female , 41-45
Feeling calm
Just returned from a long walk, and feel great.

I am a rather headstrong person,but I am quite tolerant of other peoples ideas values and views. I don't like to be preached to or have others try to "convert" me to their lifestyle or beliefs, and that includes religion, politics, or personal ideas and beliefs. I like the idea of live and let others live.

I am married with two sons. I am white, my husband is Vietnamese-Chinese.

I am interested in animals, nature, technolgy cooking, different foods, health and beauty.

My family and my children are my passion!!!!

I do things that some people my find "edgyl" I have tattoos, I love exotic and expensive foods such as shark fin soup and caviar and buy them when I get a chance. I wear lots of jewelry, make up and cosmetics. I buy and wear REAL fur hats , coats, jackets,and scarves, and accessories such as hair clips and keychains. I like to dress rather "eccentric", but hey, that is my choice!

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  • 100% American
  • and a little Greek
  • and a little Italian
Vices Keeping anger inside me, Vodka, Gin, Red WineTENDENCY TO HOLD A GRUDGE, finding it difficult to express or even understand my own emotions and feelings!!
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Horoscope Gemini
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Music Trance, electronica, techno, Hip Hop,'80,s classics
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I Refuse To Feel Guilty For Eating Meat

Our Primal Diet..... Face facts, human have always eaten meat,  whether it is from, cattle, goats, deer, elk,horses, camels, lamas, whales,seals, sheep and lambs, pigs , fish of all kinds, ducks, chickens, geese and... [more]
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