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I Licked My Gf Butthole

I enjoy doing this to my wife and my girlfriend. It is a lot of fun to watch them squeal with pleasure [more]
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  • I Have Road Rage

    Some dumb girl cut me off the other day. Instead of the usual middle finger I followed this ***** until she parked I made sure she didn't notice me when she left her car to go into the grocery store. … [more]
  • I Am American

    I hate post shower *****. It makes me want to jump back into bed and start my day all over again… [more]
  • I Hate Republicans

    So my socially conservative family tried to spoon feed this republican anti liberal nonsense since regain was president. Me personally I think republicans are the worst people in Any political forum.… [more]
  • I Need Advice

    I like fat girls. Not just any fat girl. Plump thick average American girl with a round butt and long hair. I'm not sure why. But this has been my thing going on a few years now. Friends look at me… [more]