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i am 15 i have animals, and 4 sisters, and 3 brothers. i enjoy riding horses and helping others. i want to make the world a better place.

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I Love My Friends Like They Are Family

This Is My Promise I promise you my friends to always lift you upWhen you are feeling downI promise to wipe your tearsWhen you feel you need to cryI promise to keep you smilingTo show off... [more]
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  • I Am a Child Abuse Survivor

    Suffering In Silence i have been abused since i can remember here is my short story grandpa payed people to do things to me, i was young though so i dont know the details. with dad he used me for a sex toy. he would touch… [more]
  • I Wish Someone Would Have Saved Me When I Was A Kid

    Not Fair i wish someone would have saved me when i was kid i have gone through alot, i have been sexually abused, physically abused, and emotionally abused. i was in care but then i was returned home and now i… [more]
  • I Don't Know Who I Am Anymore

    When Will I i am gratefull fine spectacular, in a way i enjoy every night. i live, i laugh, i sing, i ride horses. i wounder what the new day will bring. then i go to my room and take off the mask, the day and th… [more]
  • I Have Never Met U But I Care

    Yes I Do i care about everyone who i add to my circle on this site even if i dont know them. some people have been through alot or done some bad things, but i dont care about that, i dont judge people on mista… [more]
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    i am cutting again
    i have started cutting again. my heart is in so much pain. i tried not to do it again but i couldnt fight the urge. i am screaming out for help, but i wont let my scream be herd. deep down i just want someone to listen to me and help me, not judge me, someone who understands.… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    i dont know
    i dont know if i want to report what my parents r doing to me. i mean they hurt me but if i report it i could lose everything. i am scared idk what to do. i just want them to stop, or i want to live with someone else but i have to wait few months. i am hurting and i just want someone to take my pain away… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    no control and crying out
    I am crying out for help! Why cant anyone see how much i hurt? I know i am hurt and i have accepted that, sort of, but why wont anyone listen to me? Why can't people see that i self harm and talk about suicide because i want to do it, and i am crying for help. I have tried to ask for it but no one listens, no one listens when i self harm either. I dont do it for attention! i do it to have control, i do it so i can cry, and i do it so i have control, cause right now people control me, everything about me, thoughts, feelings, what i do, everything. i have no control!… [more]
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    what do i do?
    this isnt really a confession its more a question. but anyway. i get abused by my mum and i have a close friend who acts like she is friends with mum. the other day mum sent her a message telling her that i lie, and that i have a mentall illnes (personally i think she is scared), anyway my friend wrote back to me and said that she will act like she is on my mums side when really she isnt, so she wrote back to my mum saying that she knows that i lie (when really she knows my mum lies). it hurt me when she said that, even though i know she was saying it to protect me. my question is i have been friends with her for bout 4 months should i believe her when she says she is on my side, even though… [more]