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Action and adrenaline are my current pursuits. I also like to laugh...

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Favorite Quote There are men of action, and then there is everyone else.
Vices Obsessive; Addicted to combat
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Cancer
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Books Chosen Soldier, First Thousand Words in Japanese
Music I like most all music!
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I Am Me, Love Me Or Hate Me

This Is Me. I am a sadistic, cold, selfish person. I am shallow, vain, arrogant, and egotistical. I am strong, smart, cunning, athletic, handsome, and charismatic. I am manipulative. I am loyal to those close to... [more]
soabdelj has shared 26 Mature Experiences
  • I Watched My Friend Undress

    And She Was Hot. I surely enjoyed it. It wasn't like she was changing and I voyeured or anything. Yeah, I was taking a bath and this girl (extremely attractive) was basically one of my best friends. She had spe… [more]
  • I Am Joining The French Foreign Legion

    I Have The Heart Of A Warrior. I am Joining the French Foreign Legion. I am a US male who dreamed of being a warrior, I dreamed of being a warrior and doing a job that few could do, as an infantryman, a frontline fight… [more]
  • I Go Commando

    It's Called Going Commando For A Reason. I wore underwear until I joined the army. In the Infantry we train exclusively as a combat unit, therefore there are plenty of forced marches and lots of time in the field with no showers. I in… [more]
  • I Have a Thong Fetish

    I Don't Wear Them But, I Love Them On Women. That is all there is too it, I love when a women bares all and is just there in a sexy thong. I like women of all shades and I am a fan of contrasts so, with pale women, I like black gothish se… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I want to be inhumane.
    I am shallow, vain, arrogant. I am cold, hard, and cruel. I am not enough though. I wish that I could be these things to a higher degree. I am growing weak and soft again. My ability to move ahead is being hindered. I want to carve out my heart and all memories and keep only my resolve. I want to hold fast to one future, one goal. I want to lose my humanity to the task that is before me. I want to be wholly focused. But, I cannot. I am still human after all. I am still compassionate and I still care for the well being of others. I wish it wasn't so.… [more]
  • The winds have become very strong as of late...

    Posted on: July 25th, 2010 at 1:32AM

    As some of you know, I live on a big boat that currently is in the Gulf of Mexico. There is a weak tropical storm headed this way right now. I am happy about this. I love nature and her awesome powers. I am literally in awe of what I am beholding. I have lived within the reaches of many, many gulf hurricanes but, I have not had a view quite like this one ever before. Our massive boat that is usually rocksolid and more stable and still than most brick homes has been rocking me gently to sleep for the past few nights. The busy industrial harbor that I am tied up at is dead quiet. The nights are darker and the days cool and tame. At this very moment, I am sitting on the third level of the outsi… [more]