human. sometimes a cat demon. a loner. invisible. i like to help. empathy. evil carnivorous bunny rabbits. ultimate destruction. dementedly sweet. i dont fit into a stereotype. i dont know where i belong.

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Favorite Quote i plan to live forever. so far, so good.
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Books harry potter. MANGA. shonen jump. tokyo pop. action... something or other.
Music everything.. except country.
Movies city of angels. iron man's. 9. the snowman. too many.
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I Had A Dream

im not sure how it started. but there was an island. only five people, me, a little black haired girls, a blonde haired guy that was in teens, a black guy muscular but friendly, and another kid... [more]
  • I Feel Worthless and Unloved All the Time

    Im Just A Little Girl. everyone knows that feeling. like no matter where you are, youre invisible. people ignore you. for me, thats especially true. i felt so normal, so plain.  nothing ever happened to me. no friends,… [more]
  • I Feel Worthless and Unloved All the Time

    You Are All So Strong. Why Am I So Small? when i read your stories and your pains and problems... i have to wonder.. why should people care about me? i just have a simple pain. it makes me feel like i shouldnt even be on here. my pain isnt de… [more]
  • I Am Almost Always Sick

    Weak i hate it... i wish i could just ignore it but i cant. i get sick very easily, and its painful. not just physically, but mentally too. i have depression, lonely, ┬ácompared to my "bubbly" self. im con… [more]
  • I Feel Trapped

    Invisible Transformation what if the only thing you could do... was stare out your window.  you try to move, but your brain doesn't care to let you.  you try to speak, but you cant move a muscle. its li… [more]
  • penguin rant.

    Posted on: August 11th, 2010 at 7:35AM

    Penguins are awesome because I say they are awesome and if you don't like that well too bad because you suck then and your friends are weirdos if you don't like penguins because that's what my imaginary friend bob said and if you think that's wrong you can take it out with him because he is 6 foot four and has amazingly awesome abs and plays rugby so take that nyah and I hope you go in a ditch and die and never come back cuz you're a phsyco and I don't like phsycos so go die in a hole or go have a popcicle with a gay person because that's just the way you are and I don't like you I bet that's why you wear under wear on your head because no one likes you but that makes me sad and I feel bad f… [more]