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A barefoot bitch with two gorgeous boys, loves sex, alcohol, smoking and everything thats real bad!

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I Love Toe Rings

I absolutely adore my toe rings. I have one on each toe, apart from my big toes. I go everywhere in barefeet, so having toe rings looks great out in public in barefeet  [more]
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  • I Go Barefoot In Public

    Barefeet Downunder I'm a barefoot mummy down here in Auckland, New Zealand, 24/7 no shoes, haven't worn any for almost five years. Summertime down here and being barefoot is so neat. I do all my shopping barefoot, go to… [more]
  • I Smoke Cigarettes

    Smoking Mummy I have been smoking regularly since 12, and now smoke about 2-3 packs per day. I love it, but I hate the way smokers have been treated, especially down here in New Zealand. I used to walk through shop… [more]
  • I Am Always Barefoot

    I Don't Own Any Shoes! I love being barefoot 24 / 7. Here in nz the weather is great for being barefoot. I am a young stay at home mum with two boys and we live completely barefoot without any hassle at all. Occasionall… [more]
  • I Like to Be Barefoot

    Barefoot With My Family Hi, don't post stories often, but here goes. I'm a young stay at home mum with two boys down here in New Zealand and I love being barefoot, in fact haven't worn shoes for over five years now. Barefoot… [more]