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I keep to myself, I watch people, And listen but I don't interact with them. My experience tells me It's listening to people you lose who you are.

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    A picture changed my life
    I found a love in me that really makes no since at all.  Guys if you read this there will be a lot of names you will call me.  I'm not even sure the girls will understand it.I am in love with a girl I never bet and might not ever meet.  But that is another story.  The thing is to me she is here all the time inside of my heart.  I feel if I talk toanother girl that I'm cheating on her,  I know that's stupid but its true that's how I feel.  I had friends on EP all girls and one day I just took them off.  For no reasonbut I felt bad  about me having them.  I don't know why I feel so strong for this girl it is the complete opposite of the way I was before.  There is a feeling inside methat kind … [more]