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I Have An Amazing Boyfriend

I didn't think he would stay by my side but he's been so dedicated with our son and always trying his best to keep me happy even during my pregnancy. He's given up so much and I'm more than thankful... [more]
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  • I Accidentally Got Pregnant

    I remember when I found out. I cried and cried for hours. It took me two months and eight days to tell my parents. I was terrified and they were pissed. They yelled and cried, and couldn't stand to lo… [more]
  • I Remember The First Time I Lost My Virginity

    School was almost over, just 2 weeks to go. You said you wanted me....and I wanted you. After school you took me to your house, instead of us walking to the library. Your parents weren't home, your si… [more]
  • I Love My Son

    My baby boy was born on march 13, 2013. He was born the day after my birthday,I was 14 when he was born. Finding out I was pregnant was scary, going through those nine months of pregnancy was rough an… [more]
  • I Miss My Boyfriend

    I miss my boyfriend. It's thanksgiving day and he's in a whole different state. I understand that he's with his family, it's jus hard to be away from him for so long(2 1/2 weeks) especially on a day l… [more]