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I Have a Story to Tell

Heart Stop When even the intake and expulsion of air into and from my lungs becomes a labor, I hold my breath. And for one perfect moment, I am weightless; suspended and still, while the world continues to spin... [more]
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    Sing the Song of Solomon
    I'm almost twenty-one, but I live like an old lady. I'm so lonely sometimes I feel like I can't breathe. I used to write a lot of letters to different friends, mostly boys. In the letters, I wrote my musings. I didn't realize it then, but those letter were like my diary. They all ended abrubtly when I fell in love with a young man, four years older than me. I was fifteen at the time, he was nineteen. I loved him so much it made me afraid. I had never had a relationship with a boy, much less a young man. A lot of mistakes were made. The greatest mistake was that I never told him the truth, that I loved him. Over the course of two years, I wrote him countless letters, filled with the most beau… [more]