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I Like Skinny Guys

My first boyfriend was really skinny. He was the one who woke up my sexual being. Now, skinny guys really turn me on :) [more]
  • I Am In Love With My Teacher

    He is a great musician with whom I was taking private lessons. I admire him so much, and a beautiful teacher-pupil relationship grew between us. But sometimes I think of him more than I should, I've f… [more]
  • I Am In Love With My Teacher

    I just can't take my mind of him. He left the country more than a month ago, I haven't seen him for two months... I don't really "miss" him, it's just that I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM. I can't sto… [more]
  • I Am Colombian

    This is kind of funny... Every person that has written here does not live in Colombia, no matter if they were born here or not. You are talking about your experiences mostly as travelers, as visitors.… [more]
  • I Love Cello Music

    I used to play the cello, I left it because my piano studies absorbed all my time. There has been like a year since I last got a cello lesson, I still have my cello, and I hope I would be able to stud… [more]