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a former goth and artist now part time poet music lover Australian but my father is Dutch recently discovered the true power of healthy lifestyle and fitness benefits

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I Believe In Unconditional Love

Soroe has shared 8 Mature Experiences
  • I Don't Like Bullying

    This Story Breaks My Heart a sad case close to home a 15 year old with the whole world ahead of her puts an end to her life check the real story from local newspaper my heart bleeds and aches for such a tragedy :(… [more]
  • I Quit Smoking Weed

    Quit Because It Was Bad News I quit smoking weed even though I enjoyed it so much as a teenager but it caused an episode of psychosis (well maybe it was more the Lsd) all my friends smoke and they all still offer it to me… [more]
  • I Have a Crazy Neighbor

    I Have A Crazy Neighbour Want Some Advice I have this out of control somewhat psychotic neighbour that blasts me with profanity calls me a poofter and a pedo (I think for the shock value) throws things over my fence spends all day reporting t… [more]
  • I Quit Smoking

    July Will Be Five Years Of Quitting I quit back in 2008 and I haven't smoked since it was tough but my advice to others is if you get through the initial hell and torture it does get better with time - I am at the stage now where it fee… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    i have never treated my body so well i have abused it with crap food
    i have changed my diet to good proper food - such as oily fish three times a week grilled not fried crap and eating three serves of fruit a day starting with a good breakfast of oats blueberries strawberries banana slices nuts and light rye toast with a poached egg every two days and also added steamed vegetables to lunch and dinner i have a cheat meal once a week and not a bad one at that - i feel awesome why didn't i do this sooner?  i spent the last 37 years screwing my body i will not spend the rest abusing it anymoreif you think life is processed crap high sugar soda intake and kfc i am sad to say you might end up on reality tv oneday … [more]