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I'm a wrighter by birth, lol, a hard worker by trade and a Believer in GOD by RIGHT.

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I Family And Friends

Broken For Review Tournquist; Broken Toys in view are important at just the right Time Broken Lives all hidden are important on this mountain we climb Jesus Sees... [more]
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  • I Miss The Way Things Used To Be

    A Settled Glance And The Heavens' Declaration Things were complicated then, but we were on the road to independence,so a all was good, and it settled in my heart how Right Life was then (1960). As the tornado of disaster tore us from being Mother… [more]
  • I Lost Someone Important to Me

    Watch Out If, in Times' decades of losing people i Love, and being forced to love people i don't know, look like or have even any biological attachment with, is a game of life america likes to allow bei… [more]
  • I Need To Let Go Of The Past

    Past Truths Hold Answers For Me ... i see so many people learning to Deal with their Past, and i have a really different situation; lossing Past Family and Friends, even where i'm from Really, is Heart-Wrenching for me, because it all e… [more]
  • I Suffered Memory Loss Since Early Childhood, Now I Remember

    So Many Times In Gods' Hands ... This Is Not The First Time i was running away from bad people involved in something very evil, that it scared me out of my wits. Without thought, i ran so fast through doors, jumping down stairs and flew through the neighborhoo… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    ... together again
    Thinking back in Timei'm holding on to Youand looking forward in earnesti know Gods' words' are TrueWe'll be Together againwe will have Times to shareOur Familys' Love and Tendernessto Heal the loss into a glareWe've been robbed of Yearsso many Decades stolen of dayswhere growing and living were supposed to befor Our Learning to give God Praisei embrace Our Memoriesi know You do as wellthere will be many tearsin Our Restoration for us to tellGods' Testimony of Worksbrining about Forgiveness and Healingis soon to be within Our Gripas God moves us in His revealingGraceful gathering will happengentle words will bind us nearStrength of Gods' RestoringEmbraced to heal back every YearDedicated to … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Yielding fruitition ... songs, words and poems
    I was deep in thought on Saturday, 1/15/2012, thinking about Love and words to songs; I was kind of lining up my association of how I feel my Life Loving Jesus is ... it' s like a cross between a battlefield and a heart attack right now. I looked up the words to Pat Benatar's hit song, 'Love is a Battlefield' and the writers and facts of the song, to see it's interpretation. I found that my Love Life with Jesus did not line up with the whole song, so i nixed that thought, though there are some great lines that do apply in my life. I also found that the use of Free Association used to write the song was interesting, and wondered if I may wright a song, yet the method wasn't what I used, and I… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Dear Mom,
    I've been spending some time job searching, and some time wrighting to You; i go to the place of Prayer i've chosen Daily, hoping that You'll meet me there and God can bring about the Forgiveness we both need of eachother. i Hope some night You'll be there and we can talk. There's so much i want to say, and have to say, and i know You do as well. we can work things together for the GOOD, God assures us we can. if i had Your contact information, You know i'd have already contacted You and been with You already. This is my only point of Contact I have, so it's all done in Yeshua,a. a. m. m. <><… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    i Pray ...
    Dear Mom,my Hope is that You want Gods' Story, that You gave birth to a Little Girl who experiences God is GOOD, Loving + Kind in approachable atmospheres of People; Structure of infilling with Gods' Holy Words of Life in Holy Spirit Guidance of Instruction of How to Live, encompassing eachother in Gods' Direction Heavenbound. Holy Spirit is likened to Pure White Gold in The Holy Bible, where we walk in Life Reflecting His Love Fruit and all will be at Peace within us. my Hope is the Relationship in Jesus with Abba Father shining Jasper + Pure Sapphire Foundation of existance we hold on to in Comfort. Knowing where we come from is so Important to God, + i know + experience His Truth; i have … [more]