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dont know

I feel sad most days sometimes i can be happy. I am a clingy person and i ask a lot of questions. I am unsure of myself and i feel like i am alone with my own thoughts even though i have opened my thoughts to others i still feel alone. But i am nice and caring and i feel a lot for people even if they are mean which is weird

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Vices Thinking toooooo much! that's what i do!
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Books Anything that takes me away from reality into an adveture
Music Techno, Hardstyle, Dance Trance, Armin van Buren is Awesome! Love Linkin Park,
Movies Love Action movies and Adventurous movies. Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp, Pirate's of the Carribean, Virus movies Resident Evil, Bird Flu, Anaconda Blood Orchid,
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Trippy Minded Do you know those times when you just feel alone and you feel like you have nobody and then you become one of those people who aggravate people. with your problems and it's not like you mean to drench... [more]
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