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My name is Richmond..I like to draw have fun dance..and hang out with firendz..I love spanking..I love talking bout it so if u wanna talk bout that or anything hit me up (:

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I Love to Dance

Dancing I love to dance..last year me and some of my firends won like 600$ in a was soo fun..dancing is like one of the best thing's u can do..I think everyone can dance but that does mean ur a... [more]
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  • I Am Not Against a Good Spanking

    Spanking I feel if u bad or need a to be put in place then a spanking is what u need but..I just don't like it when moms or dads over due it now that's not cool that's just plan mean… [more]
  • I Say My Firend Get Spanked

    Kathy's Spanking Now..I love spankings..when its someone els gettin them lol I just love to watch I think spankings are not for fun they are and should be just for teaching someone a that they will … [more]
  • I Love Big Booty Women

    Slap! I big bootys.. its such a turn on to is a big butt girl just walk by me..I love to slap and grab it..I remeber one time back when I was in 7th grade..( I was fat back then) there was t… [more]
  • I Like Thick White Girls

    Love It Now..i dont see to much thick white girls..but when i do OMG i just love it lol..i like butt so i thick white has that soo if your a thick white girl..and u like black guys..hit me up and we can chat … [more]