Feeling lonely
Anxious , depressed the usual

I am a nurturing type of guy who:
Worked in psych as Nursing Assistant
Was married
Now devorced
A Father
Have a daughter I love more than myself!
Wishes there was more to life than what I have...

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  • a little English
  • and a little German
  • and a little *** Other ***
  • and a little Unknown
Vices Just the one I use when I need to clamp things
Politics Very Liberal
Horoscope Capricorn
Special day
Books Anything that makes me escape from reality!
Music Favorites..? I love everything!
Movies Same as books above
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I Have Been ' Blocked '

Interesting enough, I put down a nice long replied that took a lot of thought for someone, for I really cared what she was trying to say. Unfortunately, somehow, she never received it... a problem on... [more]
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  • I Am A Victim Of Rape And Molestation

    I'm A Guy Who Was Molested! Guys/girl's Please Read! Yes. Guys do get molested. But, they do not talk about it. They never do. It's one of those taboos that plagues men from the time that they heard the first comment in there… [more]
  • I Someone Who Loves Long Hair On Women

    Fetish Guys? there are stages to fetish. Ladies? This applies to you, too. Why is it important? Many people see fetishes as horrible things. Like the X-files, showing man who goes around ca… [more]
  • I How To Wash Long Hair

    How To Wash Long Hair I put this down as an answer to a question. I thought it could be used here: Hope it's OK? I have a hair fetish... so even thin hair can actually look good as it goes across… [more]
  • I Someone Who Loves Long Hair On Women

    Why This Fetish Story Is Not On The Fetish Site? Why this fetish story is not on the fetish site? It's simple. Did you look at it? It's like there is no discussion. It's all completely sexual... OK...yes, sexu… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    Can I really keep posting on this site?
    I really don’t want to put this down. I really don’t. You see, if people knew this, they might judge me. And, the last thing I want is for people to judge me. For everything I put down on this site goes through the whole world… millions upon millions of viewers who can say anything they want to. They might get mad at me… become sarcastic… or hate me totally! So, how can I in my right mind keep posting? It’s simple. I drink. I drink because it lifts my depression and anxiety and allows me to be LESS critical of myself and fearful. It actually allows me to have a gateway into myself and creates something which comes out on the site. The drinking creates a chance I can actually post somethi… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    I will never ever put down anything I really feel...ever!
    I spent a lot of time putting down something I really felt was important... a part of me that makes my make up... something I felt strongly about and put down as heart felt as I could possible could.  A post that showed true love asa  father...  and, how it effects me?  I was suprised to find out... that it was creepy.   True love for a daughter and how it changed me? And, I was told it was creepy.I will never do that again...ever... in my life.I will be more conserviative with my replies and know one... will really ever know the heart felt feelings I feel...Because you are crewl and destructive... and now that I know this... you never know me.You want to know me... PM me only... that's it..… [more]
  • If I keep getting lonelier...

    Posted on: November 19th, 2012 at 7:03PM

    If I just keep getting any lonelier... I don't know... if I get any lonelier I think I will dissolve into nothing... which would be interesting because being nothing would be different.  If it is different than anything I experienced before... it must be something?  Right?  Right!Yet, dissolving into nothing doesn't solve anything and getting into a substantial relationship would definitely be better than dissolving.  Yet, the baggage I carry around is quite hefty.  In fact I am still trying to claim it on the airport carousel of life.  Is it fair to allow someone else to carry the baggage too?  Yet, I know that no one claims no baggage... so she has it... and I know that and if she was trav… [more]


  • Why am I here?

    Posted on: November 25th, 2012 at 11:43PM

    Why am I here...?  Why am I writing stuff down to just getr abused by people who do not know who I am... pisse4sd me off.  People don't know me... they just comment like they nbever knew I existed...and it HURTS!  Horribly.  Everytime I come to this site, It's like walking on shards of glass.  I have no idea if I am going to get cut and hurt.  THe last time this happened some A*shole told my post was pathetic.  Pathetic?  Who in the hell can tell me my post is patheltic when they have never known me... my problems... or even studied my profile or my writings... I outwhited him... instead of reporting him... because, even though I can report them... it's not fair for the person to be thrown o… [more]


  • It's clean!

    Posted on: October 17th, 2012 at 10:29PM

    My place is clean. The "bug man" comith: First, he kills bugs! Second, He bugs me! (He is called the exterminator.  Housekeeping inspections are done at that time... with public housing, here... which means... your place has to be clean...OR ELSE!" I don't like strangers coming into my place.  My place is my place.  It is set up as my place and I know where everything is.  Even all the stuff on the floor, never picked up, I know it's there... So, I can find it.  Makes perfect sense to me. Some people might say my place is the perfect male habitat, lived in, but not ready for serious human habitation.  That is because all the junk lying around is in it's place... even on the floor or on top o… [more]


  • DO not do this!

    Posted on: October 9th, 2012 at 6:45PM

    When composing a story, do not try to save it as a draft when you try to compose it on site.  I must pick "draft" first.  So, unless I want to lose everything I wrote when I find myself interupted, do not pick "compose" and write verbatum.  Either, start writing it as a draft or paste it from my word processor...… [more]