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I'm very random at times and if i sound depressing its because that's how i am for the day

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I Want To Know Your Definition Of Love

Love My Bf Love is sweet, quiet, simple, caring, and passionate! If a person doesnt believe in it then they have nothing to live for, My boyfriend and i broke up after twos years of dating and i was once... [more]
  • I Wtk Your Song Of The Day And Why

    Why The one day i thought my life was going good for me it turned out to be a living hell...... I had just gotten home from school and it was a friday and it was the beginnig of a long weekend. So then i'… [more]
  • I Love These Lyrics

    Fall For You When ever I am sad I always end up singing and the song I always turn to this song so it's te part where it goes this was not my intention I always swore to you I'd never fall apart you always thought… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I'm in love with my boyfriend from 5th and 6th grade
    Me and my boyfriend had dated for 2 years before it all started in 5th grade we broke up got back together the we broke up and got back together this continued through 6th grade until finally we stayed broken up for 2 years and i never got over him even though ive had many boyfriends through the two years we were apart neither one of us moved on! and now we r back together and im sooooo happy!!! <3 I love you… [more]