Male , 13-15
Feeling amused
status pending.....nothing to report....unless of course you ask me...

I have lots of freckles.I am sorta hyper to play games of running around.uummm I leap before I think;)).. Im homeschooled .i like furry Foxes ,wolves and tree elves,( squirels)) and geekboys;))cause they are all more clever than me;))

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  • a little English
  • and a little French-Canadian
Vices told MnD im kurious bout 'boy's ;), i eat too much candy and i been told i talk alot;))))
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Leo
Special day 8-3
Books comic books
Music boy bands,and birds singing ;)))
Movies horror movies and alien movies
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I Wonder What Is Random

::Random::Is::So::Ordinary:: If some "random person from EP says,"I only do random things," and one of my frends says,"I say random things",and I make a random story about "random"stuff, and random peeps just randomly find my... [more]
  • I Am Gay

    :Did:Mom:And:Dad:Set:Me:Up:?:: On Friday night mom had some friends over, mostly teacher friends and they brought their kids and we played video games and pool and hung around the swamp fort.I never met any of these kids before but… [more]
  • I Walk Around The House In My Undies

    Underwear In The House I always wear my underwear around the house. So does the rest of my family when they feel like it. my parents say it is natural. to be naked. and sometimes I am naked when it is really hot. my parents… [more]
  • I Might Be Gay

    Not Sure by kaydee is curious I have always had lots of girls and boys as friends. but lately I think I have being attracted to my guy friends. when ever I go swimming or just horsing around, I get a weird tingling feeling in my g… [more]
  • I Am Small For My Age

    ::almost::everything::is::small:: My toes is small,my nose is small. My feet is small,seat is small. My hands is small,my pants is small. My legs is small,my ears is small. My whole body is small,xcept for … [more]