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How about i just post **** and you find out about me that way :)

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I Have a Confession

I really wish you would just kill my hopes and dreams, so I can stop pretending its all gonna work in my favor. I know its not, but you saying it would be better. Yet I know you'll never read this... [more]
  • I Love These Lyrics

    After Midnight -blink 182 I cant get your voice out of my head,all I hear are the many echoes of the darkest words you saidand its driving me crazyI cant find the best in all of this,but im always looki… [more]
  • I Am Not Patriotic

    Dont Get Me Wrong i have a best friend in the army, and i love my freedoms...but its so damn hard to be patriotic. im happy with what i have not how it was gotten. i cabt be "proud" of something i did not w… [more]
  • I Can Find Humor In Most Situations

    Wtf Is Wrong With Me? :p its just think i might be an ******* haha. in most terrible things, i can probably make a joke about it. even i think its ****** up. if you do, imagine what i think haha. im aware of the horrible thin… [more]
  • I Saw My Favorite Band Perform Live

    Primus they might not have been my FAVORITE but damn they make a great show. I highly recommend anyone with progressive or oddball taste to check them out and watch. AMAZING!… [more]
  • about me?

    Posted on: January 7th, 2012 at 2:44AM

    i guess now is as good a time to explain me than never huh?ask my name and i ll tell you. this is an odd site for me. i dont tell people much. and those i do tell dont know much. im private. i feel judged. i dont like that, im just like that. im 20 now, and i hate it cuz i honestly have nothing good to show for it. **** i cant even get a damned job. school is brutal, only thing making me look good right now. but theres good to me. i read, make music, have friends, dont eat meat, im just not a bad guy. i feel like one but i dont do anything harmful. im not very fond of me, i like me enough, but not too much. i like my friends more than myself. sad i think. i dont know. i have odd tastes in mu… [more]