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I am a college-educated young man whose political views tend to favor the majority of Americans, and other people around the world whose freedoms are oppressed by supposed "leaders", who in reality are just evil to the core. I'm for policies that help give freedom to those who don't have it, and help maintain it for those who have it. I also oppose anyone who tries to take away the rights of every American to decide their own futures, regardless of their sexual orientation or lifestyle. Why try to prohibit someone a lifestyle, if it doesn't put others in physical, emotional, or social danger?

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I Want to Be Happy

What Makes Me Worthy Of Existing? What gives me the right to exist? I feel like I haven't done anything to earn the very beats of my heart, nor the very air I breath. I feel so empty, so aimless, so without purpose. At times I feel... [more]
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  • Family Confessions

    I Don't Know What To Do:(
    My sisters are constantly fighting with each other when they're in proximity to each other, and I'm caught in the middle. One has a real anger problem and won't back down, the other is tired of being bullied by her older sister, so she also won't back down; one is an immovable object, and the other is an unstoppable force. I can't seem to find the solution to this problem, and I'm tired of not knowing when they're going to explode. What can I do? :(… [more]
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    Am I worthy of existing?
    I have been in Tucson, AZ for two weeks now, and only two of the jobs that I have applied for have given me interviews, so naturally I am seriously doubting whether or not my college education(although I didn't finish, I still got my mind sharpened by the knowledge and insight I gained from the classes I took),  was really worth it. I've been told by some of the employers I've talked to that it's not me, that there have been people who have the qualifications for a particular job, but they haven't found one, but despite this, I still think that I lack something that is keeping a manager from hiring me. I feel totally useless, and have often contemplated killing myself, so I wouldn't have to … [more]