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I Have Put My Hope In Gods Word

The Skipper I watched a cool show last night, an old pilot of Gilligan's Island, with commentary. It said that Gilligan's Island is a microcosm of real life how people can get along if they try to and also it... [more]
  • I Want Someone to Talk Or Chat With

    Friends Make Life Easier To Bear Hi! If you want to be friends and write to me, I am here. Jo… [more]
  • I Am Christian

    I Used To Hate Christians everytime my creepy uncle molested me and then put on his white shirt and black pants to go to church leaving me because I was too dirty I hated christians. Everytime I saw the plastic smiles and non … [more]
  • I Saw A Cool Ufo Duo

    Time Travel? When I was in seventh grade, I was walking upstairs and saw the whole highschool changed. There were skiny pastel lockers and hardwood floors and girls in poodle skirts next to guys with their hair sl… [more]
  • I Enjoy Ethnic Food

    Pau? A Hawaii story When we first came here we were invited to a luau put out by some locals and the head guy kept coming back to our table. "Pau?' he asked, and then would ask it again a few seconds later. I thought he … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    In eighth grade I had vowed to never let a friend down as I lost one a year earlier to suicide. Well, they called me Councellor and i was always there to care and listen. One day my friend Bernie called me and i could hear our favorite rock song in the background saying nobody cares. He told me he was down not cuz his girl stabbed him when he caught her cheating but cuz his mom when he put all his drugs out on the dresser for her to see she just went to the back bedroom with her boyfriend Leon and didn't give a damn he said about me, She just did not care! I wanted to keep him on the line. My mom was a councellor at a group home and janked the phone out the wall as I tried to say I care! I w… [more]
  • Revenge Confessions

    Words can kill
    In seventh grade I was messed up and hated everyone. My writing teacher was a christian and would make us do a journal. I would write cuss words at him and he would still give me good grades. I wrote a poem about lock me in a cage and feed the key to a lion. The door is open. Close it please and he said why do you stay in your cage. he did not understand what happened and was happening to me at "home." I tried to reach out to my friend barry and one day in the caf sitting he was so down I said hey, what's wrong and he would not say and I got so mad I said to him why don't you go kill yourself. It was like i sent all that hate at him.  I barely touched a table and it went flying and crashing.… [more]