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Hello im Taylur or StarlingRaven1.
Im a Vegetarain,Aires,Hippy people call me veggie girl or purps (purplehaze)
I am straitedge at this moment and forever more and i want to make more friends so get to know me!!:D Also id like to add that im 17 and to lazy to change my age on this thing be 18 in April and im also Engaged so thanks boys and girls!

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Favorite Quote wheres your will to be wierd?-Jim Morrison
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Books The forest of hands and teeth
Music I love all types of music but mainly stuff from 50's-90's
Movies The Doors movie
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I Have a Confession

Ah, summahtime and the livings easy. I was wild and free your own so called definition of a hippy slightly high dancing outside to Lad Zepplin over the hill and far away(: Dont Judge meXD [more]
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  • I Am Fascinated By Science, Religion, and Philosophy

    Where Curiosity Leads.. I was recently struck with this crazy theory on life what if like was slipt into other worlds maybe theyre more to life than just this and the afterlife? what if with ever decision we make creates a n… [more]
  • I Bad Trip

    I Like To Read Alot, So Sue Me. I recently just finished the book Thirteen Reasons Why. Great book i recomend to anyone special someone who enjoys drama and bullying people.. I think is book could bring someone back to reality. But… [more]
  • I Bad Trip

    This Is Just A Simple Poem Please Tell Me If Im Good Or Not Beauty In Darkness I sit and wait,sit and watch. watch as the world resumes to move,an endless flow of repetions. consumed by the masses of the everyday man i stand in ancient steps plotting my… [more]
  • I Crazy Things I Get Myself Into

    Rumspringahhhhhh Battle Of The Bands!! Yes, yes i know what your thinking amish? and the answer is nooooo,wrong but close but not amish(: so when i was sixteen and managing my friends band FOR THIS TRADGEY then me and m… [more]