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I Have Crushes On Fictitious Characters

Sakura all my life i been in love wit sakura :) my anima crush . . Card captors killed it for me i went crazy for the series and remember most of the card 's . . She was so cute in her confusion and crazy... [more]
  • I The One

    Never Knew This Would Be It all my life iv searched for the one feeling that made me feel more then just me . . . Some one who i knew i could care for ever if i dont want to i would . . . Some one i could fight wit and she would… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    my small heart
    time strokes by and every moment it gets bigger and bigger so hard to hold back the feelings i have for her . . Am a volt right now flooding day by day dreaming of her wanting her to come back . . Am so at the edge right now i would burn this whole world to the ground so it would just be me and her . . . Wi we cant be is so o o o o hard to accept . . ( because it dose not exist ) we are apart for reason s that cant be explaned . . . . I miss her and i know she miss is me to . . . . There s a smile on my face because am in love but chocking at my words because am wit out… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    the confession
    i looked at her that nit stairing at her stair back at me . . . We hardly had a moment to just us . . . But this . . This was enough . . . All that iv been missing all that i thought i had lost . . Was right there in her when the world stood still . . . I watched her sleep that morning as i woke up for the first time before her . . Her hair fell on the pillow in such a beautiful way all i felt was it touching my cheeks but i was so far . . . So beautiful how could any one even say her hair was not set right or looked horrible . . They dont know **** . . . . Sitting there thinking how it used to be when she used to watch me sleep what the hell did she see in me ? All she needed was a mirror .… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    i feel so disapointed
    this is a big big . . Some tin that i cant believe am saying but i am . . . I feel like i want my x girl friend back because il never get a girl as prity as her . . . I know how it sound s but is it so wrong to find some one so prity . . . . We used to have so much fun . . Some tin went wrong . . . She used to be the only one who understood me . . That went to . . And now its all over and i feel like **** . .… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    the poet
    i walked down the shore plane at mind empty at heart . . My burdins left behind . . The silver sad veged between my toes . . The feeling of the chille swishy bed . . The breez so moaning as in to sing me to sleep . . I gazed up on the horizen and darkness is all i saw . . Sure sweet dark ness just sucked me in and i felt hidden content wit not bein content . . Open yet closed shut . . A sudden development in the feeling of alone ness . . A warm sharp dagger pearced me threw . . I fell to the sandy bed . . On fours . . Griping feeling the sand . . This very moment that had hit me . . Non like ever it just like a dagger bled me in suprise . . I sucked in the fumes of the world and to my aw . .… [more]