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I weight around 220. Really short, 5'3. Have dark brown black curly hair. My skin tone is peachy or white I guess.My bra cup is DD/E 45. I'm timid about my chest but scerelty I'm quite proud of them. I have a Hucow fetish as some people might know. I'm a girl who when out of her shell can be crazy, funny, and really fun. Though I'm abit of a tom boy I also have another side that loves to be absolutely cute adorable as well as another that likes to be sexy and seductive~ The many things I enjoy doing are sleeping and cuddling, watching cartoons or anime..Yes I might be abit old for that stuff but I just love it. And I think I always will! Having fun in the shower~ Drawing, Day dreaming, Singing ( Even though my voice isn't good at all for singing! ), Acting cute ( Shh its a secrete! ), Dressing up ( Maids, Lolita, Cows, Cats ), Star gazing, Playing games ( I'm a hardcore gamer gal. ), Just browsing the web~ and of course hanging out with my friends!

I have a darker part of me I try to keep hidden from others but she will usually show herself when I'm upset or depressed and I try my best not to have to show any of that to my friends or people who aren't my family. I kind of dislike that side of me. I use to dislike everything about myself. But recently with the help of my mother and therapy I've been coming to accept myself and learn to love myself for who I am. And that who I am isn't a worthless nobody!!

Moo moo~

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I Had A Dream

Before I went to bed I was awfully sad I felt very alone but I didn't know why I felt like that.Last night I hardly dreamed of anything but as I got to the deepest point in my sleep I did dream of... [more]
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    Lack Of Self Love Is A Reason. To some of you people who don't understand why some people have bad hygiene. Sometimes it is simply because they are LAZY. And do not see the reason to bath daily. That is one side of the coin.… [more]
  • I Am a Bbw and Proud

    Hey Fat And Happy People, I Am Fat And Miserable! I hear and seen people who are fat and are happy with themselves and there life. And I do admire those people because I'm around 220-230 and 5'3. But I ABSOLUTELY detest myself and it is fine cause it… [more]
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  • I Like to Sing Outloud When No One Is Around

    Singing Is For Anyone! I love to sing. THOUGH Obviously I prefer singing alone when no one is around because my voice isn't that of a super idol. Or anything even near something that would make someone think " WOW SHES AMAZ… [more]
  • It is 3 Am, Can't SLEEP because of Paranormal STUFF

    Posted on: March 12th, 2012 at 5:45AM

    I've been spending a couple of days here at my moms. And I cannot freakin sleep decently. Usually the past 2 days I've stayed up till 3 am and then go to sleep. Maybe like at almost 4 am. But today I went to sleep like at 1 am or 12 am and now here I am waking up at 3 am because I can't freakin sleep. I am not kidding my moms place is totally haunted or something because I have a very strong sixth sense and I keep sensing something around. My room I sleep in is the last room in the house and not many people sleep here. Sigh.I know some people do not believe in ghosts but I kind of do. I don't like to I rather ignore it but it is kind of freakin hard. Today in the bath, before I showered I wa… [more]


  • When Emotions Burst. My Story.

    Posted on: March 18th, 2012 at 4:38AM

    I find it painfully funny how a father and a brother can **** my life up so bad and make me this depressed piece of **** I am and then have the balls to tell me, " You CAN'T Blame us. " How can they dare say that to me after all they did to me. How can they..The very first thing I had to wake up to when I open my door is my stupid brother yelling in my face telling me " WHY DID YOU DO THAT!? YOU HURT HER " And he was pointing to my dog who just walked away uninterested and I was like I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WTF. And he said he heard her let out a cry and then in the t.v in the kitchen you can hear dogs like barking cause my dad was watching some stupid dog show and then he admitted that he prob… [more]