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I Am Trying to Lose Weight

Have You Heard Of "The Challenge" The Challenge is helping change lives! My wife had trouble losing weight after having our two children. Tried different programs that just didn't work. Until a friend recommended she try The... [more]
  • I Want to Work From Home

    Become A Shop Consultant (online Shopping) As an accountant working an average of 65+ hours a week for the last 15 years in the fast paced corporate world, I finally realized I wasn't helping myself any by working so many hours outside the hom… [more]
  • I Started My Own Business

    I Started My Own Internet Franchise I started my own business, an Internet Franchise by Market America and, and it's been going well putting in the effort working mostly from home. I mention working mostly from home because I … [more]
  • I Want to Work From Home

    Market America And Interested in becoming an entrepeneur? For anyone interested in attending an informational event being held in Springfield, Mass, I have a couple of guest tickets on hand and can get more… [more]
  • I Love Online Shopping

    Excellent Shopping Website! Thousands Of Stores From One Website! I own a website that has just about anything/everything you can possibly think of. Visit , sign up as one of my customers FOR FREE. Basically, signing up as a custome… [more]