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I Am Looking For Someone to Talk to

I'd really love to talk to people about spanking. Anyone :) please feel free to message me if you are interested! [more]
steveonator369 has shared 14 Mature Experiences
  • I Need Regular Spankings

    Lately things have not been going to good. I have been caught multiple times recently with marijuana by my parents. I have been screaming at my parents as well, and I even put a hole in the wall. My g… [more]
  • I Want Be Spanked

    Just yesterday I was at my friend's house in his basement. We were both playing videogames and his mom randomly walked downstairs and said "-friend's name-, can I spank you? It's been years and yea… [more]
  • I Need Regular Spankings

    I need a woman between the ages of 25 and 65 to spank me for my behavior. I'm not trying to be sexual, I actually need a spanking for reasons I am not going to go into right now. … [more]
  • I Want My Teacher To Spank Me

    The teacher I want to teach me a lesson is about 30 years old. She's a 5'10" African American woman, and is a little on the heavy side. She always says how misbehaved kids in her class need spankings.… [more]