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42 slave to the man. Lol. I work in office for steam ship line.

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  • a little Irish
Vices Want experiment with shrooms or lsd. I smoked weed done some coke in my younger years . Too many persc<x>riptions to mention Xanax , adderall, nor co, soma.....
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Horoscope Capricorn
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Books The stand, wheel of time series, jack reacher novels, song of fire and ice series , Mitch rapp series
Music Love 80's hair bands modern rock, country and some pop
Movies Brave heart, Armageddon , amature porn
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I Feel Sad And Alone

Thanksgiving And Alone I am at the start of a major down turn . So tired of my brain I some times wish that I would go to sleep and not wake must be something better or maybe nothing at l like shutting down computer [more]
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  • I Have Family Members That Get On My Nerves

    Have Not Talked To Wife In Three Days First off I know it takes two to dance Nd I know I have my share of issues. I am always there for her she wants it I some how find a way. But if I ask for something she acts like its end of world … [more]
  • I Think About Having An Affair

    Want Out But Can't Leave I feel like after 7 years of marriage I'm just not happy i love my wife just not in love nothing in common anymore. I want adventure in sex , I want to party( with someone other tan her family) I'm ju… [more]
  • I Have Used Lsd

    I Really Want To Try It . I Want To Open Doors. I feel like there is more to life, it feels like there is something locked in my head I want to feel . I wish I could share with my wife or friends but they are just not open to it so I am alone in th… [more]
  • I Think About Having An Affair

    First Love My first love is wanting to hook up. I do a lot of drunk texting but just can't seem to do it . I want to but can't. I think someone with no ties is safer I have kids and a house and nothing is worth … [more]