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Im a friendly fun loving ginger, who is very lazy, loves coca-cola and chocolate. And maybe smoking a few before bed. I have two little rats Cheech&Chong ( let that sink in :P ) I love animals and good thing in humanity, whats left od it anyways. I'm nice to everyone until they give me reasons not to be but that never usually happens. I always wake up assuming it will be a great day and anything can happen.

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I Have Weird Dreams

Out Of Control. This is odd and keeps happening to me, I have no other dreams then three very weird ones. For as long as I can remember I have only had two very weird dreams ones about a house and ones about being in... [more]
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  • I Have Weird Dreams

    Evil Kids. This is a new dream, I wouldn't even count it as one but hey it was a dream and was weird. So me and my sister and all our friends are at some apartment and I could tell it was a good nig… [more]
  • I Love the Paranormal

    Miss.nobody And The Stairs When I was little I first live in Orillia, Ontario. At the time our family was only five people big me(middle kid),my brother (oldest), my sister(youngest), mom and dad. I was only 10 or so. … [more]