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I am a crossdresser, I love to wear tights and pantyhose and skirts and dresses. I have been doing it for years but only since this March I have been seriously expanding my possibilities, I have started shopping for my own clothes and I have even started wearing pantyhose under my shorts in public. I am about to meet someone who may become my girlfriend but at the very least will be a very special friend who is willing to help me with my crossdressing and embrace it and me as who and what I am.

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I Go Out Crossdressed

I Finally Did It! Not that I lacked courage, I just had always thought it would be best if I did it with a friend who knew my secret that I crossdress. Of course I still think it would be more fun with someone but for... [more]
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  • I Dressed Up Like a Girl On Halloween

    School Night... unfortunately for me, halloween is a school night for me. I don't mean it's a night before I have school the next day, I mean I have school that night. BUT I've decided that I'm going to crossdress to… [more]
  • I Was Caught Crossdressing

    Only Once... Long Time Ago... I started crossdressing at about age 10 or so but it wasn't until about age 13 that the first and only time I got caught happened. It seemed like any normal day, I guess it was after school when I got… [more]
  • I Like Wearing Skirts With No Panties

    No Panties, But At Least Pantyhose Or Tights first of all when I dress up it always involves pantyhose or tights anyway, it's the key piece to the puzzle and without it, to me there's no point in dressing up at all. second, I do like the idea of… [more]
  • I Dressed Up Like a Girl On Halloween

    This Year I Probably Will I never really thought about the possibility because I've always thought that I'd want to go out a few times before I attempt halloween. now that I've been out a few times, and likely will several tim… [more]
  • Blog Intro

    Posted on: July 20th, 2012 at 9:53AM

    Hello, my name is Amelia Melanie Rivers, or just Amy for short. This is my blog. As you may have gathered by reading my profile, I am a crossdresser and Amy is not really my real name but for the purposes of this site, this blog, and to give myself a female name while dressed up, I am Amy. This blog will help detail some of the reasons why I crossdress, some of my experiences and feelings and fears and etc. It will also help me keep track of new events in my life as they happen. I can write many stories in many experience groups but they're all scattered and such, this will help me keep an organized account of the story of this side of my life.… [more]


  • In the beginning...

    Posted on: July 20th, 2012 at 10:20AM

    In the beginning, I was born a boy. I still am a boy, well I guess technically I'm a man now but I use boy/man girl/woman interchangeably sometimes when referring to males and females, but I'm still male and as far as I'm concerned I will always be male.I don't remember a lot from my early childhood but there are a few key things I do remember. The first being that I remember crawling around the floor around my mom's legs and she was wearing pantyhose and I just remember that that was an interestingly soft feeling. I was wayyy too young to act on it then or really even think about it a lot but then came a time when I was about 4 or 5, in preschool and I remember one morning my curiosity got … [more]