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huff i love him and i want to be with him but i also don't wont to miss out on being with him

really big muscles and a slik mustache hahah!

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I Am A Mother To An Angel Baby

I first found out that i was pregnant on December 28/2013. before this day i was think i could be pregnant because i was getting sick and did eat some weird things but working 3rd shift it wasn't... [more]
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  • I In Memory Of A Lost Loved One

    Momories Of Bobby Buckholt (i Will Love You Forever Baby) Your always going to be My baby Bobby. I love you. I remember the day i bough you that 'ugly stick ice fishing pole'. hahha i was looking for something to drink in the gas station an… [more]
  • I Fainting

    I Fainted From Sawing My Finger   NOTE: I'm a very bad speller so sorry Mrs. Coon was cleaning my cut out after sawing my finger with a thin metal blade. the cut was deep and i was… [more]
  • I Care

    Know I Care..                     when people talk to me they think i don't care about anything. Mostly that is be… [more]
  • I Love Art

    Painting!!!!charcole Penciles!!!            i love drawing if you look at my drawings under pictures you can see my Johnny Depp picture of Jack sparrow.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I confess
    I dont love my boy friend i just love the facked of being with him....Is that sick and twisted or what! :D:D… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Im Prone to Losing Erasers
    I don't know why but even thew i have been drawing seance i was able to move i still tend to go throw 20+ erasers a year. This really upsets me. i think i'm going to have ta get a thing that attaches to my wrist with an eraser at the end of it. Even my friends know i lose all my erasers because its like a habit to draw on them or make some mark on it telling other people that they used it. But i'm not done. There is another possibility. That possibility is that some one. or something is stealing my pinky erasers. : hahah its the noms i tell you!!! They have been on to me ever seance Nam. hahah i'm just kidding, but really i have an eraser losing problem that is getting se… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    i am an noncomposmentis
    hi my name is stray and i am a noncomposmentis. i don't know how or when it started but i just cant focus on one thing anymore. i am trying to do better in classes but its to difficult. Pluse i kind of like being able to dose off on people when there being compleatly boring. The main point is this is getting out of controle and im turning this confession into a 10 steps program. hahah I have zero countrole over my thoughts and everything distractes me. Ill behaving a conversation with someone and be totaly distracted by the stuppedest thing like for example two birds fighting with each other or in class the pictures of the presidents on the wall infrund of me. ill just block the teacher … [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Im Pretty Shur..
    HI! my name Stray (10 steps) lol. Funnnny. And i am a confessionest. Im pritty shur that all the guys i ever talked to or started talking to me only do or did to get to my sister. Shes funny,pretty, srawberry blond, and is very thin (not that thin). shes kinda what every guy would want. People say im pretty to but standing next to her im just a nother girl. I had 3 years to think about this and 'im pretty shur' im just being used by people to get to my sister. i know what your just being dumb. But i dont t hink so every guy 'i' new before her dated her or tryed to. When they fall im not needed anymore. This kinda treat mint can really hurt some one (me). I give up on guys … [more]