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I Am Emo

I Don't Agree With Happiness I have no problem with being snobby and staking the claim that my state of misery is a superior state. A depressive mood makes one less prone to egoism, though there are obvious exceptions. The hot... [more]
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    I fantasize about brutalizing those evil
    The thought of strangling to death a serial rapist while instilling into him the fact that his existence has negative objective value gives me a real justice *****.I want to smash all the bastards who commit such sins, the stench of their guts splattered all over my wall could never outweigh that of the evil that has corrupted their soul. I hate mercy, I despise compassion. I want to carve a new meaning in the phrase, "no rest for the wicked," for I shall sear the wrath of justice permanently deep into your flesh.Beyond the heinous crimes of rapists, murderers, etc. I want to bring down the hammer of justice down on the priests, clergymen, religious authorities, and spiritualist frauds who l… [more]