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I Am Not Against a Good Spanking

Spanking My Daughter My daughter's went to spend a few days at their grandmothers. One of my daughters don't like to go to their grandmothers as it is in a farm and they have to do farm work. My mother is also vert strict... [more]
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  • I Am A Strict Mom

    Strict Indeed I'm a single mother of 3 beautiful girls. They are 17 14 and 12. I spanked them when they were toddlers. Then I moved to other methods like grounding, taking away privileges and extra chores. Nothing … [more]
  • I Was Spanked Naked By My Mother

    Spanked In The 60's When I did something wrong my mother would ask me to go to the study and kneel on the floor with my clothes off. It was just my mum and my sister at our house so it wasn't really embaressing. I wold w… [more]
  • I Believe Spanking Is a Perfectly Fine Way of Discipline

    It Is :) Spanking is a good punishment for children who misbehave. With my three daughters 17,14 and 12 I have tried a number of other methods but none has been effective like a spanking. Spanking is a perfect… [more]