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Need to move on to new job but unsure what I want to do

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I Love These Lyrics

Capital T Great song by Walking Papers called "Capital T"My favorite line is "You want a beat you can dance to, I like the songs that bring the cowboys to tears"Check them out here... [more]
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  • I Love Boyshorts

    Why Do They Call Them Boyshorts? why the hell do they call these "boyshorts"? I have yet to see a woman wearing these who did not look smoking hot... they are anything but boyish..Next to a all time favorit… [more]
  • I Shave My Scrotum

    Dr. Evil Was Right there really is nothing quite like the feel of a shorn scrotum. It began for me simply as a way to avoid hairs getting caught in condoms but more than 10 years later I still prefer keeping eve… [more]
  • I Like Writing Haiku's

    Send Me A Topic, I'll Write A Haiku About It I like to write haiku's Here's a sample...send me topics and I'll write more.. "Ode to EP" An Experience Posted Anonymously A secret life shared… [more]
  • I Think I Suffer From Depression

    Does This Look Infected? I should be happy..I have more than some people do. I have a job I like, I have a good family, I can pay my bills...yet in almost every area of my life I am unhappy... I feel my degree is… [more]
  • Work Confessions

    Why so driven
    I am absolutely not motivated to climb the corporate ladder or change anything about myself in order to be what other people consider "successful". I've tried, I just can't bring myself to do what has to be done to get to that next level. I can't deal with the bullshit, the political games, kissing peoples *****, wearing clothes that I am not comfortable in, and telling people what they want to hear just because that is how the game is played if you want to move up in the world.  I'm not sure what my niche or passion is that will ultimately lead to success on my own terms but I feel that it is out there and I just have to keep looking for it. It is all within me and I just need to figure out… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    I got no clue
    I must confess that I have no clue as to how other people perceive me. If a woman was attracted to me..forget about subtle hints, hit me over the head with a ******* board because otherwise I will probably not catch on. Same goes for work... I know I work hard but again, I have no idea how my co-workers or more importantly how my bosses perceive me. … [more]