Sieg Heil the Jesus Freak, faggot worshiping cunt.

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Hopelessness. Hopelessness is the common denominator here. [more]
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    despite what zealots say . . .
    Cocaine does not in fact lie to you. You lie to yourself. Heroin? Probably basically the same. "With this needle, I thee wed . . . "  So, I guess that's all.… [more]
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    i'm through with alcohol
    I honestly drink just one beer now. I'm aware I could keep going and get drunker, but I feel too old to drink till I pass out or puke. I'm not going to drink like that again till a woman puts a ring on my finger - - - I'll drink till I puke at our wedding.… [more]
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    does anybody remember . . .
    Remember that scene from Zorba the Greek where he starts talking about how you'll never see Notre Dame win another bowl game because they don't have enough black players?… [more]
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    choad smoking
    I've known choad smokers and it raises many questions in my mind. Would you smoke choad? Is choad legal? If so, is that a good thing? If not, shoud it be? How much does choad cost? If you throw up while smoking choad in a movie theater, is your choad free? Does choad cause cancer or prevent it? Is choad habit forming? How long does the body retain choad? How often do people have bad experiences, smoking choad? Does choad respond positively or negatively to excessive handling? Suppose I'm constipated. Is choad the problem or the solution? If I were interested in choad smoking, could I get a taste from a purveyer of choad? Is choad trafficing a problem in this country or merely part of the mor… [more]
  • the entirety of . .

    Posted on: October 2nd, 2014 at 2:59PM

    A Slow Start to Good SexShe wasn't gorgeous. She didn't have huge ****. She wasn't svelte.But she was lovely, smart, cosmopolitan, in every way a lady,and not in the sense of having good table manners and havingwalked with books on her head as a child. She was occasionallybold, openly sexual without flirting, she listened when peoplespoke to her, and most of all she could make absolutely anyonefeel at ease with her whether it was with a giggle, a reassuringword, or a touch. I was in love with her and twenty years old.She was thirty-four and a friend of my father's. She was rich aswell, well out of any hopes I might have. I fantasized about herevery night, whether it was her watching from a c… [more]


  • if it's worth mentioning

    Posted on: September 25th, 2014 at 7:14AM

    there's a site i post all my **** to. you can find a list of what i've written at www-asstr-org/~Kanejust replace the - with .… [more]


  • me in drag

    Posted on: September 27th, 2014 at 9:35AM



  • random clicking on YouTube . . .

    Posted on: August 23rd, 2014 at 6:08AM

    . . . led me to this  … [more]