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I Want to Travel

The Same Thing Today my older sister learned she got accepted into her second foreign exchange program and she will be going to China for a year. Two years ago, my sister got accepted for the first time. She... [more]
  • I Love These Lyrics

    So Cold - Nikisha Reyes Pile Unfortunately, Nikisha is NOT on iTunes, but her music is absolutely beautiful and addicting. Please just give this song and her lyrics a chance, she's amazing. Oh, you can't hear me cry … [more]
  • I Lost Someone To Suicide

    The Person I Never Knew I had a cousin named Brian. Everyone liked him at the time. They still tell me about how funny and sporty he was, and how he and I both had the same green eyes and freckles, and how he also lik… [more]
  • I Love Gymnastics

    My Sister, Not Me This summer, during the Olympics, my sister and I were mesmerized with all of those gymnasts running around doing amazing things with their bodies. It was the coolest thing to watch them do that, and … [more]
  • I Lost Someone Important to Me

    He's Still Here He's still here. He lives less than a mile away from me. It's worse than him dying. We were friends for five years, from kindergarten to fifth grade. We… [more]