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I Love Wearing A Suit And Tie

Wearing A Suit And Tie..... the best feeling in the world. When you are properly fitted and tailored, a suit is comfort incarnate. In a sharp suit and tie outfit, a man is at his best. Looking good equals feeling... [more]
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  • I Love Wearing Suit and Tie Everywhere

    Wearing A Suit And Tie To The Mall Maximum exposure for your wardrobe is wearing a suit and tie outfit to the Mall when you shop. Lots of lingering eyes and glaring gazes from people of all walks of life. Especially the ladies! ;-)… [more]
  • I Love Men In a Suit

    If You Love Men In Suits, Tell Them So! If you love to see men wearing sharp suit and tie outfits, you need to tell them so. If you want men to think twice before dressing too casually, give them a reason to WANT to dress up. If more … [more]
  • I Love Wearing Suit and Tie Everywhere

    I Was Born To Wear Suit And Tie........ I have often been told that since I look so natural and at home in a suit and tie, I must have been born for it. I must admit that I am starting to agree. I've been told before that I wear good … [more]
  • I Like Wearing a Tie

    A Young Man's Lesson As a young man, I learned many valuable lessons about the worth of wearing a tie. My mother-in-law would always treat me better if I wore a shirt and tie on Sundays. She would wait on me hand an… [more]