Feeling lonely

Hi. I\'m a 17 year old genderqueer who considers myself to be pretty \'out there\'. I love reading, music, magic, science, dance, and art. I got lots of voices in my head. I\'m pretty sure some of them are insane. <br /><br />
Music is my life. If I had to lose all my senses and keep just one, it would be my hearing. If I was deaf, I would have killed myself a long time ago. I can\'t survive without music. It\'s one of the reasons I love art. Art is like the visual for of music.<br /><br />
I could really care less.<br /><br />
I\'m also a total and utter nerd. Bigots, be warned. I\'m not afraid to bite back.<br /><br />
Also, I\'ve been struggling with cutting and depression for over six months now, so whoopdeedoo.

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