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I Have a Confession

I am addicted to the very act of thinking about you. I think about the funny things you've said to me in the past, just so I can enjoy the laughter again. I think about your hair, the way it falls... [more]
  • I Feel As If My Heart Is Breaking

    My Heart Is Breaking I never thought you could really love someone you weren't in a relationship with until I met him. From the moment I first saw him I knew he would be someone I liked and it began with a big crush that … [more]
  • I Feel As If My Heart Is Breaking

    I Don'T Want To Think About It I fell in extreme like with someone I work with. I've known him for almost a year, and somewhere around the 6-month mark, my feelings began to grow. Problem, he had a girlfriend. For most of this time… [more]
  • I Have a Confession's almost frustrating feeling this way about you. I'm so happy when I'm around you and I miss you when I don't get to see you. I'm happy and grateful that I've met you and had the chance to becom… [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    I would like to think that I've lived more by experiencing unrequited love... like it somehow makes me more knowledgeable and wise in the romantic department. However, I can't even say for sure if my … [more]