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I Have Been In An Abusive Relationship

Surviving An Abusive Relationship I met him online not long after the end of a long relationship. Things progressed very quickly. Whereas my previous boyfriend always wanted me to wear make up and dress up, he said I looked beautiful... [more]
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  • I Used to Do Crystal Meth

    My Brief Time On Crystal Meth I'm probably the last person anyone would have expected to be on Ice. I come from a good family, I went to private schools, and I have degrees from two of the best universities in the country. When I … [more]
  • I Used to Do Crystal Meth

    Choose Life. Choose To Feel The Pain Now. You Will Overcome It. Despite what some people may think, nobody chooses to become an addict. Nobody wakes up one day and thinks, “You know, I'd really like to need to take a substance in order to get through the day”.… [more]
  • I Used to Do Crystal Meth

    Friday Will Mark 2 Months Off It! How To Reward Myself? I'm thinking a massage would be a good reward to myself...… [more]
  • I Am a Highly Sensitive Person

    Learning To Use It To My Advantage My dad has always told me I'm too sensitive. Recently people have told me, no I'm not too sensitive. I'm just sensitive. It's not been that long since I heard of HSPs. What a relief. It made me realis… [more]