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I Am a Cheater

I Love The Adrenaline Rush Well I have been cheating since high school. At one time I had 7 boyfriends, that all believed they were my one and only. The funny thing is I never once got caught. It takes alot of thinking... [more]
  • I Have a Dead Beat Dad

    He Doesn't Even Know My Name Well Im going to make this dad "wasn't ready to be a father", so he offered my mom money for a abortion, she refused, he left the state before i was born..never contacted my mom. His family… [more]
  • I Have Hyperhidrosis

    Annoying I have tried every anti perspirent form prescription strength to the cheap kind...nothing works!!!!!!!!!!! My current solution tot his problem is where tank tops all summer so no one can see my sweat … [more]
  • I Am the Black Sheep of the Family

    The Irony Is I am definitly the black sheep of the family, however im not your average black sheep. I am shy, reserved and I made an effort to go to college. This doesn't sound like black sheep behavior, but in my… [more]