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I Dwell On Things I Cannot Change

Always The Bad Stuff I am always dwelling on the bad things that go on all over this Earth, but I know that I can't change any of it or make it stop. There is just no way, other than destroying the entire Earth and every... [more]
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  • I Hate When People Are Angry At Me

    The Guilt Usually when someone is angry at me, they normally have a good reason. I say things and make comments with out even thinking about it and then the person I'm talking to becomes annoyed and I deserve t… [more]
  • I Hate When People Say Um, Yeah, Like Or You Know

    Over Excessive Or Impropper I'm kinda one of those people who is a little picky with grammar and when people speak improperly too often it gets a little irritating. I know a guy who explains stuff that he could say… [more]
  • I Think Christianity Has Serious Problems

    What Is Christianity All About? Hmm... I really like the pic used for this group. The sign says, "So... What is Christianity all about?" Well let's see, it is actually quite simple. The belief system basically has the message, "Believe, wo… [more]
  • I Think Child Abuse Needs To Be Stopped Now

    There Is Only One Solution To This Problem If the governments of modernized countries actually care at all about their people, they should create new laws to not just forbid child abuse, but to prevent it. I believe if people were required to … [more]