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I Wish People Would Be More Responsible About Protection

Condoms, Pills,rings, Shots, Diaphrams I Don't Care Take Your Pick. Not only does protection protect you from disease and infection, but can also protect you from having a child. I KNOW you why am I telling you this? Well because I think people focus way too... [more]
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  • I Am Not Very Close With My Relatives

    I Don't Believe That You Choose Your Family. I have learned in the past few years that you don't choose your family or parents. You can choose your friends and you can leave them when you choose and you will always have a a strong relationship w… [more]
  • I Have Some Bad Childhood Memories

    She Was Just Jealous Of Grandma. My grandma took care of me for a while when i was younger. She lived with my mother and I. My mom was always out either partying with her friends or at home partying with her friends. Sometimes she wo… [more]
  • I Want To Be A Surrogate Mother

    I Just Want To Feel What It Would Be Like To Carry A Child, And Thats It. I don't want a child to raise. I don't find it at all fun or fascinating for me raise a child. The idea has popped into my mind many many times of whether or not i would like to have a kid. And every … [more]
  • I Think I Have Been Scammed

    I Was Scammed While Trying To Find A Job. I was looking for a client to work for, i am a caregiver for the elderly and mentally disabled, and I had received an E-mail saying that this lady was trying to find someone to care for her sister who… [more]