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I Want to Know Ten Things About You

Tell Me Please My ten things 1. I am an Aquarius born in 94' 2. I have never tried any illegal drugs or smoked cigarettes 3. I work with children and absolutely love it 4. I love dogs... [more]
SurelyUnsure has shared 12 Mature Experiences
  • I Have a Very Sucessful Long Distance Relationship

    Six Months And Counting I am crazy about him the distance hurts a lot but I would be lost without him. I am so happy to have someone like him in my life and love being in love. I never thought I would be a long distance girl… [more]
  • I Believe In Punishment

    If You Do The Crime Do The Time I have seen one person in particular in my life get away with literally every bad thing he has ever done. And there is a long list. Nearly nothing gets me as angry as seeing him do as he pleases when … [more]
  • I Have An Abusive Brother

    Disgusting He is an abusive person. He abused me and my sister in several ways when we were kids. He verbally abused my mom when all she did was support him and try to help. He verbally and emo… [more]
  • I Got a Pedicure

    Yesterday Before work my sister, mom and I got up and went to get pedicures my sister got French my mom Steel Pink and I Shimmer Ocean. It was fun and relaxing tho I still always feel a little uncomfortable bec… [more]