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I Am Trying

The problem with time is I have to wait for it to pass.....while I wait I have to stay strong and and move on. Until that special time comes I have to keep trying and trying and trying.......I wish I... [more]
  • I Feel Like Dying

    I feel like I've gone through a thousand break ups . . . my heart crushed into microscopic pieces. My chest so tight and heavy. I feel like killing myself, but I cannot leave my son alone. Release me … [more]
  • I Am Tired Of Living With My Mom

    I am forced to live with my mother because I need help with my toddler son. Today I cooked something for my son when my mom came home. I normally avoid cooking when my mother is home beca… [more]
  • I Am Going Through a Horrible Breakup

    Anybody else going through a tough break up and wanna keep each other company? This is the longest break I've ever been year...and I hope today is the last time. … [more]
  • I Am A Christian But Im Not Perfect

    Let go so I can completely restore you.… [more]