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Married, mother to 5 boys.Trained psychiatric nurse,loves animals.I was spanked as a child until i was in my teens

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I Love Steve Perry

My Brilliant Friend I grew up listening to Journey,i was just a little girl when they first started out with Steve Perry but my elder brother loved them it was all we heard around the house.So of course with it being the... [more]
susseditout has shared 26 Mature Experiences
  • I Was Spanked Bare Bottom With A Belt

    It Hurt My parents were very strict,if we did something wrong no matter what we got spanked.I remember watching my brother get a bare bottom over the knee spanking from my Dad when i was 4,i thought 'Daddy wo… [more]
  • I Remember Being Spanked Bare Bottomed Over The Knee

    Never Any Other Way When i was spanked it was always on my bare bottom & always over the knee.The stinging of my Moms hairbrush was the worst,although she could warm your bottom pretty well with her hand.My Dad always us… [more]
  • I Received A Bedtime Spanking

    Waiting For Dad I recieved a few bedtime spankings,the worse ones were when i was sent to room & made to wait til my Dad came home from work.A lot of the time if i was spanked in the evening by my Mom i would be sent… [more]
  • I Was Made To Stand In The Corner After A Spanking

    Please Not The Corner An over the knee,bare bottom spanking was how i & my 2 brothers were spanked by our parents,the humiliation & embarrssment as we got older when we got spanked was horrible,but to me much worse was the… [more]