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*** I HAVE STOPPED ADDING MEN FOR NOW *** I\'m a mother of two and wife to a loving husband. We don\'t swing or share each other with other people so please don\'t ask. I am somewhat of an exhibitionist and don\'t mind other people seeing my pictures but please don\'t ask me to privately email you any pictures...that is just too creepy. Usually I flash my husb when we are out and wonder he usually has his camera with him where ever we go...hehe. <br /><br />
<br /><br />
Out of respect for my hubby, I don\'t skype, IM, emal or give out my phone number and no, I won\'t meet you in person. All communicating will be done through this site. I\'m not into any weird stuff like peeing, messing your pants, men cross dressing/wearing women\'s underwear, etc so if you\'re into that kind of thing, I probably won\'t add you unless you plead a really good case as to why I should. If you don\'t have a genuine pic in your profile, appear to be a troll or come off sounding like a perv, your chances of getting struck by lightning are better than your chances of getting added. <br /><br />
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I enjoy reading...mostly about US history and would like to get into writing children\'s books. I also enjoy traveling and vacationing at our time share in, I won\'t tell you what island or when I\'m going. I have several other interests as well and some are of an adult nature. If you want to know anything, just ask. <br /><br />
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This profile is new and as such, its a work in progress. More will be added soon including some more pics.

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