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I am in my early forties, am the mother of three boys and am in a relationship with a gorgeous big black man. I am happy in this relationship and have no interest WHATSOEVER in messaging about sex or anything even slightly related.

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I Have Self Respect And Dignity

No, I'm not perfect by a long shot, I've done some really stupid things in my past, but Jesus, I have more sense and consideration than to do anything to mess up anyone's lives, including my own! [more]
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  • I Am a Single Mother

    I have been married twice, and have three children, two from my first marriage and one from my last one. My middle child lives with his dad because of problems mainly between him and my youngest… [more]
  • I Have Been Divorced Twice

    But I am ever the optimist lol. I am old fashioned and want to be with someone forever, but unfortunately both times it has been beyond my control. My first marriage ended because I lost my mother a… [more]
  • I Am A Curvy Girl

    but curvy does not have to mean ''overweight'' I'm afraid. I am an average, healthy weight and size (with a lot of effort and hard work), but yes, I am curvy, I go in and out in all the right places … [more]
  • I Am Too Old To Have Another Baby

    I am in my early forties, and have three children from my previous marriages, and yep, I am all done! Plus when I had my youngest, I was sterilised. I never ever thought of having more. I love… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I don't want your money, but I love that you want to spend it on me...
    Yes I know, you have a better job than me, and you earn more money than me, and you want to take care of me anyway you can.And its that part that I love, because you aren't right there beside me all the time like you want to be, and you think that if you buy me little gifts and help me out when I'm struggling (like today when you paid half towards a much needed new bike so I can get to work), then that is one way to show that you ARE caring for me.I love you so much, and I am so happy that I have you in my life, I genuinely could not be without you now.  But seriously, you don't have to spend money for me to feel that way! I'm ok, I'm not on the breadline or anything, I know you have your pr… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I want to live with you, and be with you every single day...
    But I can't because of our situations.  I have kids, you have a kid, and they are the most important thing.  We are forty miles away and your job is important to you. Not more important than me of course, as you have told me, but you have worked for the health care system for over twenty years now, and you are in your fifties, and moving out of that scares you, and I completely understand that.We aren't silly teenagers, thinking that everything will just work out if we just go for it.  We both have sense enough to try and be practical and sensible.But yes, I want to be in the same house as you, I want to have your dinner waiting for you when you get home from work, I want to take care of you… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Yep, sorry, I love you and all of that nonsense...
    You know I'm a soppy cow, but I do try be cool most of the time!We have our ups and downs, and I could sometimes hit you with a shovel, haha (to be honest though, that's only rare!), but I do believe we are meant to be together, I'm just not sure why yet, as we are both bogged down by so much ''other stuff'' which has nothing to do with us as a couple, but we have nearly lost what we have a few times, but you always come fight for me, and that's all I have ever needed, to feel worthy of effort, someone that knows they are better off with me in their life.  All us girls (if we are honest) want that, its just that life can be so messed up sometimes, we try to pretend otherwise.But yes, you hav… [more]